Monday, June 18, 2012

New Photo Book review site

Ben Krewinkel has just started brand new site:

"onphotobooks website" Ben Krewinkel


LOOK3 (book signings 4 favs)

LOOK3 (books)

all images included below are copyright of the individual photographers

Note - Get books through Photo-Eye Books (because they have been serving the creative photo community since late 70s) if possible.  So check to see if they have the book your looking for.

If they have it but you still need to do Amazon, use the their link at the bottom of the book's page on Photo-Eye.

They will get something on the deal and you will still be supporting our passion by helping them. Trust me they have been around since around 1979 and have grown into an integral part of our community. 

I was able to visit their gallery and bookstore a month back, wonderful people and a great place, surely a staple in a small like minded community driven by passion first check em out.

(update 11-2-12)
Gee wish I had bought the Bazan book in June when I could have, it and Webb's latest book are sold out and very expensive now.

I am not sure all of the following were sold at the festival but I certainly learned of them there.

Where Children Sleep - James Mollison
Published by Chris Boot who is currently with Aperture

Loved this book, profound and powerful, see for yourself.

slide show
James Mollison

Fish-Work: The Bering Sea - Corey Arnold

(update 7-1-12) Not mentioned before but there were certainly more than 4 books I liked, Suffering of Light - Alex Webb was certainly one of them.


(orginal post)

Here is a list of some of the books I enjoyed at LOOK3.  Being on sabbatical to do my own work and living pretty lean for a few yrs. now I usually rely heavily on the library and just visits to the book store to look but these are indeed some fascinating books and some are hard to find. So I broke my rule. There were many great books there but these stood out to me and particularly because I was unfamiliar with these people's work.

1-Wonderland (A FAIRY TALE OF THE SOVIET MONOLITH), Jason Eskenazi

book review 
I concur with the review (although I enjoyed it being small) and bought a signed copy, despite no budget for books. Jason was very interesting even after this book was published he worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a guard.
npr interview 
conversation with jason eskenazi 

2-Viviane Sassen: Parasomnia 

I loved it want it will buy when able. 

amazon notes-Saturated with color and boldly composed, Viviane Sassen's photographs straddle the boundaries of fashion, art, and documentary photography. This monograph by the award-winning Dutch-born photographer Viviane Sassen features photographs from throughout West and East Africa. Sassen's overriding theme is parasomnia, a sleep disorder involving strange movements, behaviors, emotions, and dreams. The otherworldly feel of these photographs, involving both human and inanimate subjects, aptly conveys an altered-consciousness point of view-one that is at home in the pages of a fashion magazine, newspaper, or a modern art gallery. Indeed, Sassen's images have appeared in all three venues to wide acclaim. Sassen's photographic series is engaging and thrillingly beautiful, filled with shadow and ambiguity, and it offers a challenge to the viewers to come up with their own narrative. 

3- Afronauts, Cristina DeMiddel - book is just out now!



From the photographer: 
In 1964, still living the dream of their recently gained independence, Zambia started a space program that would put the first African person on the moon catching up the USA and the Soviet Union in the space race. 
Only a few optimists supported the project by Edward Makuka, the school teacher in charge of presenting the ambitious program and getting its necessary funding. But the financial aid never came, as the United Nations declined their support, and one of the astronauts, a 16 year old girl, got pregnant and had to quit. 
That is how the heroic initiative turned into an exotic episode of the African history, surrounded by wars, violence, droughts and hunger.                            
“Afronauts” is based on the documentation of an impossible dream that only lives in the pictures. I start from a real fact that took place 50 years ago and rebuild the documents adapting them to my personal imagery.                                                                           

Cuba Bazan, Ernesto Bazan

Ernesto is a kind and gentle spirit, glad I discovered him and his work at LOOK3, the work below speaks easily for itself.
Wonderful stuff, wish I could have bought about 15-20 books at the event.