Friday, January 22, 2010

about the photography blog

This photography blog provides links for emerging and unknown photographers. I am also trying to include festival and photobook observations. My primary focus here is on fine art photography and some journalistic work. On occasion I like to write about my thoughts on certain photographers and art in general. This blog also currently has a section called "field notes" which is intended to keep folks updated on my current work and news.

(update 8-24-12)

Many new submissions links added - see right side scroll.  It has never been so good. It is a great time in photography it has never been better for unknowns - NEVER! There are literally 50-100+ very easy opportunities to get your work seen. Trust me from 1977 till into late 90s getting your work seen was mostly very difficult. Photographs of photographs (as expensive slides - I spent bundles of money on) return shipping, copies of copies endless effort for 10 opportunities. If you did get your slides looked at, sometimes the gatekeeper might hold them up to a light source if you were lucky. People would mostly not look at work, getting a foot in a door required a personal  recommendation and ad infinitum.

Something has changed maybe I have been under a rock on my personal journey but I am shocked.  It seems the interest in photography has exploded, or is it just the Internet, blogs, web zines, twitter and so on bringing people together. Not sure but it seems there are tons more places everywhere to show work.  This is a great time to be alive.