Saturday, June 30, 2012

LOOK3 2013

LOOK3 (2013):  June 13,14,15 
2014 will be the year - (3 on / 1 off)

 "Alex Webb enjoys Lynn Johnson's opening @ Look3" (c) george elsasser
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the 2012 event in fact I cherish it, focus is generally photojournalism with some fine art photographers represented. Remember labels are limiting, I enjoyed all the work and discovered much I was unaware of.  Alex Webb was the headliner for 2012, Gilles Peress and Martin Parr were there in 2009.

I got there late Wednesday evening (Th, Fri, Sat event) left for other places Sunday night and still could have used another day to see all the exhibitions to my liking. So next year I will go at least one day earlier minimum (the Galleries are closed on Mondays) so I can look more while relaxed. David Doubilet the underwater master spoke on Wednesday evening about 7pm. I utilized the dorm deal to save a chunk of money on hotels (very clean each day) small beds but I love photos more than perfect beds.  It seems to be part of the workshop programs that start on the Sunday prior to Festival. 

Another Festival clearly in my sights is Photolucida and is focused on all but maybe a little more tilt to fine art photography. Mike Davis who lived in Portland, OR brought this to my attention while viewing my dummy book.

I was unaware but discovered Donald Weber won Critical Mass an off shoot of Photolucida in 2006 along with 2 others. One of them Camille Seaman (showed at LOOK3 2012) I will blog about in the future. Critical Mass published his book on Chernobyl. Donald and Mike where both editors who viewed my work and many others' work at LOOK3 2012. All you ambitious photographers Critical Mass deadline is 7-16-12.

donald weber book cover (c) donald weber