Monday, June 11, 2012

LOOK3 (general)

"image of dragon", (c) george elsasser

 image (c) george elsasser

On the Road, I am not with Yoda or Carlos Castaneda but I am certainly enlightened.  Finally a post, more when I get home to my studio.
I am out in the wonderful Shenandoah Valley, just spent 4 days in Charlottesville, VA at LOOK3  - fantastic do not miss these if you are a serious photographer living in the Mid Atlantic (A MUST).  No mistake this is the real deal about photography not cameras. Yes all parts of US, even some Europe and Asia people show up for this fine festival, but Mid Atlantic people missing as I have in the past is a bad idea. Loved all of it especially being with so many like minded people was very powerful.
For now just wanted to thank the many people I met, and post a link for anybody that might want to view my dummy book "Tips & Tales"

A massive thank you to the tireless efforts of the many people who put together this enormous labor of love. Get on the LOOK3 email list now - be ready for 2013.

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