Friday, August 9, 2013

photo-news (McCurry, Hosoe, Stewart)

I was long ago introduced to the work of Eikoh Hosoe (dark, brooding, mystical, theatrical....) I believe it was through Aperture.  Below is a link to some of his work from americansuburbx (one of my favorite blogs).

Eikoh Hosoe (

Below is someone's work I have been unaware of, Todd A. Stewart. Just brought to my attention through Lenscratch (another favorite).  I particularly like the easy flowing narrative I perceive here. My favorite time of year is summer and I can very much feel even the density of the air both emotionally and atmospherically here. This group of images effortlessly resonates with me.

Todd A. Stewart ( 

Well known for his NGM iconic cover image, here is a group of images from Steve McCurry's favorite part of the planet. He just seems to be in the air there....

Light of Faith

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