Saturday, September 15, 2012

Field Notes-3 (2012)

"man and unbrella" (c) 2012 george elsasser

Some images I made in Atlanta that I'm interviewing with many more in the woodshed.  Some are more singular images while others have more of a strait document feeling. To note I enjoyed chatting with many friendly people from the city it is a great town wish I had more time there.  I was also able to spend some time working on the road this summer in Charlotte, Durham, Gatlinburg and Ashville.

I don't think any of these are keepers but I am getting my feet wet with new software, new PC, new OS, add infi-NIGHTMARE!  Yes its Pita time once again.  Wow what a time we live in, it should keep all our brains very sharp.

I have a trip coming up, going to the southwest/4 corners area so that should be interesting. Don't think you will find any great American landscapes from me but we will see, last trip there was an eye opener.

"man with headache" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"escalator" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"glass doorway" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"construction tunnel" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"traditional column in modern city" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"orange repair vechicles" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"store window" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"man walking in city" (c) 2012 george elsasser

"red shoes" (c) 2012 george elsasser

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